Sesame Ginger Lime Marinated Chicken

Bring Asian inspired flavor to your easy chicken dish!


2 lbs chicken breast⁣

2-3 TBSP The Functional Nutrition Brand Sesame Ginger Lime Dressing⁣



1) If chicken breasts are more than 1/2 inch thick, cut in half to reduce thickness.  (With the breast laying flat, cut through the center with the knife blade parallel to the cutting surface.)  Place chicken in a container just slightly bigger than the meat. Pour Sesame Ginger Lime Dressing & Marinade into the container, trying to drizzle on as much surface area as possible. ⁣

2) You can cook this right away or for better results marinate in the refrigerator for 2-24 hours.⁣

3) Preheat oven to 350°F.  Place chicken on parchment paper lined baking sheet.⁣

4) Bake for about 35 mins or until inside temp reaches 165°F and the meat is easily cut through.⁣

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