Why would we NEVER use canola oil in any of our dressings?!

The facts about canola oil!

Canola oil stands for “Canadian oil” and comes from the rapeseed plant. There is no such thing as a “canola plant”!

Canola oil was originally created for industrial use, but somehow found its way into our food supply.

Why should Rapeseed oil have never made it into food? Well, it was found to contain an unhealthy fatty acid called erucic acid. Erucic acid is shown in studies on rodents to create fatty deposits in the adrenals, heart, and skeletal muscles. It also impaired growth.

So what did those that wanted to sell it do? They bred the plant to contain less erucic acid. K, with that fixed, is it then ok to eat?


Canola oil is HIGHLY PROCESSED. Oils should be cold pressed or expeller pressed to maintain their integrity. The step-by-step chart on how to make canola oil is complicated enough to make anyone’s head spin.

Eat healthy oils such as olive oil instead!