What are some of the benefits to going dairy-free?!

Not everyone tolerates dairy and more people cannot tolerate dairy then really are aware of it. Dairy is a common allergen and there a lot of people with sensitivities that don’t have any idea they have one!

Many times there is low grade inflammation as a result of that sensitivity and it can cause all sorts of side effects.  Common side effects include digestive upset, depression, brain fog, acne and other skin issues, respiratory issues, and so much more.

Often times that inflammation has been around for so long that people often have no idea it’s there!

The gold standard for determining food sensitivities is the elimination and reintroduction diet.  To do this you take the possible allergen out for about 1 month and then reintroduce it to look for side effects.Many times people only realize a side effect has gone away when they get that symptom back from eating the food. “Wow I didn’t realize how great my joints were feeling!”, would be a great example!

I will put out the caveat that not everyone has issues with dairy.  And that some people with sensitivities to dairy can sometimes tolerate dairy that is raw.  Raw dairy is hard to come by, but you can sign up for CSAs to get it!