Is Salt the Villainous Food We Think it is?


       Well, to be fair there is a percentage of the population whose blood pressure has been shown to increase with the consumption of salt, but for MOST people, salt is not a villain.  

      What can be much more deleterious to your hearth is consuming sodium in the incorrect ratio to magnesium and potassium.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is typically very low in magnesium and potassium, but very high in sodium.  This mismatch of electrolytes can cause an imbalance in the body, leading to poor health outcomes.  

      Most "table salts" are white in color, which is an indication that the salt has been stripped of its nutrients.  A better choice is to consume salts that have not been altered from the way they are found in nature.  Great examples of this are Pink Himalayan salt and Redmond Real salt.  Both of these salts are naturally pink, which is indicative of the nutrients they contain.  Pink Himalayan salt is naturally a good source of potassium and Redmond Real salt and naturally a great source of iodine.  Both have much better nutrient ratios in them than the "white" salts you may find.

      If you're thinking, I buy iodized salt so I do not need to worry about this...think again.  Many "iodized' salts first had their nutrients stripped from them, then had iodine added.  These salts will still not have the right ratios of nutrients to promote health.  Even worse, many of these processed salts contain anti-caking agents and other ingredients that just plain don't have any business being in salt.

      Another question you may ask yourself is, what about other sea salts such as Celtic Sea Salt, are these good options?  When it comes to nutrition, these are also good options.  You will notice that many of these salts are also not white.  Celtic Sea Salt is often grey, indicating that it has not been processed and still contains the nutrients that are natural to the sea it is found in.  

     There is one concern though that arises when it comes to eating salt from our oceans and this is the presence of microplastics in the water.  When salt is collected from the ocean water, microplastics can end up being collected along with it.  This is why Pink Himalayan salt and Redmond Real salt are superior to other sea salts.  These salts come from ancient sea beds that dried up millions of years ago and therefore well before the creation of plastics even occurred.  This makes for a much cleaner source for salt!

      Here at The Functional Nutrition Brand, we are dedicated to providing the cleanest, healthiest salad dressings that we can.  We chose to use Pink Himalayan salt in our Falafel Tahini Dressing and will continue to use this type of salt in any future products that need salt!